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Leather Care

Leather upholstered furniture creates special room aesthetics, since leather has character. Leather is an animal skin, which may have wrinkles, scars, pores or other irregularities. These are not a fault, but a guarantee for the naturalness of your furniture covering. Product value is also reflected by possible irregularities and color differences. Leather is a living material and the color can change over time through exposure to oils or moisture. This can be minimized through proper care, however, cannot be completely avoided. Here are some leather care tips:

Direct Sunlight

UV rays penetrate deeply into the tissue structure of leather, just like in our skin. Although leather will not get sunburn, the tissue structure can become brittle depending on the type of leather and how it was processed. This results in small cracks in the leather surface that distend with time. One can also assume that direct sunlight will darken the leather. Above all, one should not expose natural leather surfaces to direct sunlight for hours on end.

Direct Heat

Each type of leather has its own water supply, a natural moisture level, so to speak. This natural moisture level would be disrupted after long periods of direct exposure to heat. Leather dehydration is the result and the surface structure will become porous with time. So it seems advisable not to position a leather furniture next to a heater or stove for an extended period of time, for example.

Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths are not suitable for leather care. The fiber structure is simply too fine for leather surfaces. It is better to use a paper towel in cases of superficial soiling. You can also use the paper towel with warm water.


Make sure to use distilled water in cases where larger areas have become soiled! Simply use the same water that you use for ironing. You can also use the condensation from your tumble dryer for leather care. Try to work with as little water as possible, as this could otherwise lead to water stains.

Cleaning Agents

For leather care, we recommend LCK GmbH products. You will find everything concerning the care and maintenance of your upholstery here. Whether leather or fabric, you will enjoy your furniture longer through regular cleaning and maintenance. Visit the online shop at

These care instructions are for guidance only and do not represent a guarantee. False or improper cleaning invalidates any warranty claims.