This bed can be called >System< because it is available in two construction variants for individual sleeping and living needs. Optionally as a variant for slatted frames with a frame height of 22 or 32cm or with a rigid slatted frame that is already integradted as standard and can be folded up. The latter model therefore offers an additional bed box as an invisible and easily accessible storage. 
In addition, one of the following 18 headboards can be selected.

square seams

soft, square seams

rhombic seams

all-round piping

button row

dot seams with hemstitch

square folding & piping

without seams

divided in two with piping

divided in two with hemstitch

all-round nailing

vertical seams

square seams & double nailing

six rectangles with border

without seams

baroque style & all-round nailing

dot seams & all-round border

border with piping