This bed is dressed to impress with bold, detailed craftsmanship. Elaborate square darts give LOPUA an unmistakable look. However, what makes it truly stand out is the attractive shape and geometrical lines of the headboard. A modern romantic design, if you will. The stitching looks exquisite and harmonious in leather and fabric alike. Unlike APUNI, the headboard is paired with a softly upholstered, gently curved frame. End every day in the soothing atmosphere of LOPUA and enjoy a good night’s rest!

Create your own personal dream bed from countless combinations of frames, supports, headboards, footboards and coverings. Colors and fabrics are our passion. Interior design is much like high fashion in that no look is complete without the right “wrapping”.  Colorful or muted, patterned or solid, linen or cotton, water-repelling or flame-retardant, velvet or velour –  or perhaps leather? Our specialty is variety.