One Eighty

This is one unusual sofa-sleeper. Its secret second use can’t be divined from its archetypal design – not even at second glance. Nonetheless, it is a full-fledged, elegant couch with an integrated bed and built-in storage. It’s the perfect choice – not only for when guests spend the night, but also for small apartments that need a fully functional living room during the day to welcome company.

To convert it into a bed, flip down the backrest and pull the seating area towards you. Underneath, you’ll find storage space for duvets, sheets and pillows. ONE EIGHTY’s pocket spring core mattress is 1.60 meters wide, offering ample space for two people. Its upholstered structure is pleasantly firm to sit on. It comes with a set of matching throw pillows, too.

Use it as a plain 3-seater or in combination with a chaise longue on the left or right.