Ralf Hüllemann

General Manager

Tel.: +49 721 / 6803280

In 2005, I decided to use my 22 years of experience in the furniture industry to establish Sophisticated Living. I wanted to create personalized designer furniture so that I could offer exclusive hand-made custom furniture while providing excellent value.

Where do I feel at home? On the water, surfing. That’s why all our product names come from surfing jargon. They are a daily reminder of the importance of being at the right place at the right time. Surfing is more than a sport; it’s a deeper appreciation for life.

Saskia Thomas

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Interior Design

Product Development & Design

Tel.: +49 721 / 6803280

My favorite product tends to be the one I last designed. At home, I like to stretch out among mounds of pillows on the Solid Wave. When I’ve settled in, I’ll listen to music and research upcoming projects. Or I’ll plan my next trip – after all, I get almost all the inspiration for my designs when I’m traveling and having fun with friends and family.

Lorena Leonberger

Executive Assistant

Tel.: +49 721 / 680328-23

After a long day at the office, I always look forward to my Hanapepe. The soft, comfortable down absorbs all the stresses of the day. Curl up against the high, narrow armrest to read a book, or lounge on the wide, softly upholstered armrest. Either way, you’re sure to find your favorite spot – with or without company.

Bastian Kraußer

Customer support

Tel.: +49 721 / 680328-11

My favorite: the Floater! With its Carlucci Quiana fabric and tall, black chrome feet, it’s unbeatable! I like to recommend models with clear lines and solid fabrics to customers. My motto is: keep things simple and stylish. I don’t chat until work is over, but then, it’s got to be on the Solid Wave, our most comfortable sofa. It’s the perfect way to bring a long day to a close!

Jonathan Kerl

Customer supportKundenbetreuung

Tel.: +49 721 / 680328-13

My biggest hobby is playing the drums, either by myself, in an orchestra or teaching others.  That’s when time flies by. I ride my bike everywhere – mostly to concerts. I’m already looking forward to getting the very first sofa of my own when I’ve completed my traineeship at Sophisticated Living: the SUMMER SWELL. The high chrome feet match my drum set perfectly. 

Michael Speth

International Furniture Distributors

Tel.: +49 171 / 8282984

 Area Germany 2, 3, 4 and 5

Wolfgang Neuert


Tel.: +49 9123 / 83933

 Object area

Ursula Wirth


Tel.: +43 676 83786212

 Area Austria