How would you describe sophisticated living?
Individual, authentic, creative and … vibrant!

What’s the connection between surfing and furniture?
In surfing, you have to focus on the wave, stay in the moment and become one with the sea and its motions. No wave is like any other; you can’t stop to think, but have to respond instinctively to the water’s movement. It takes tremendous creativity to constantly change perspectives and shift your point of view. Every person is different and so we have to constantly reinvent ourselves in this regard, too.

Your favorite sofa and why?
Solid Wave – for me, it embodies freedom, personality and change.



Ralf Hüllemann

Managing Director

Phone: +49 721 / 6803280

With more than 22 years of experience in the furniture industry, I decided to establish Sophisticated Living in 2005. The aim: create individual designs in order to offer exclusive quality furniture manufactured to measure and in handmade production to an excellent price-performance ratio. Where I feel at home: on the water while surfing. Therefore all our products get their names from the surf jargon. They remind me every day of how it is to be in the right place at the right time. Surfing is simply more than just a sport, it´s a lifestyle!


Saskia Thomas

Interior Designer
Product Development & Design

Phone: +49 721 / 6803280

My current favourite product is normally the last one we designed. At home I make myself comfortable on the SOLID WAVE between a large amount of pillows. I then listen to music and usually do my research for the latest projects. Or I plan my next journey – after all I gather new impressions and inspirations for my designs almost entirely while travelling and from pleasant experiences with my family and friends.   

Lorena Leonberger

assistant of the management

Phone: +49 721 / 6803280

When I first saw the sofa CHANNEL, it was love at first sight. The classic, simplistic look pleased me straightaway. The excellent seating comfort due to the downs then convinced me entirely. Cosiness and a simple design are essential for me. Moreover I have a preference for bright, coarse meshed and soft natural fibre fabrics like e.g. the fabric Genval from Designers Guild. Combined with my dream couch – perfect!

Bastian Krausser

Customer Suport

Phone: +49 721 / 6803280

My favourite: the FLOATER! In combination with the fabric Quiana from Carlucci and black, high chrome feet – unbeatable.

Preferably I advise models with clear lines and uni-fabrics, simple and stylish is the motto. However, after work we have a little chit-chat on the SOLID WAVE, our most comfortable couch – the perfect end after a long day!

Meike Richter

Customer Suport

Phone: +49 721 / 6803280

My favourite sophisticated model has changed a lot since I first started my journey with this company. Currently I’m in love with the sofa SUMMER SWELL. Its timeless and elegant look is exactly what I’m looking for. I preferably like it upholstered with anthracite, simple fabric and some minimalistic decoration. Thereon I could spend hours reading good books or web surfing for the latest fashion trends.