How would you describe sophisticated living?

Individual, authentic, creative and … vibrant!

What’s the connection between surfing and furniture?

In surfing, you have to focus on the wave, stay in the moment and become one with sea and its motions. No wave is like any other; you can’t stop to think, but have to respond instinctively to the water’s movement. It takes tremendous creativity to constantly change perspectives and shift your point of view. Every person is different and so we have constantly reinvent ourselves in this regard, too.

Your favorite sofa and why?

Solid Wave –  for me, it embodies freedom, personality and change.



Saskia Thomas has been with sophisticated living since its founding in 2006. A trained interior architect, she is responsible for design and product development. She designs furniture, develops interior designs for private individuals and plans projects for commercial clients. Her designs clearly show her personality and creativity. They’re fresh and vibrant. And they show her talent for combining visual opposites. Her products have won multiple awards.


Architecture and furniture are all around you every day, wherever you go. They have to “work together”. A room and a piece of furniture should evoke emotions.

Every person is unique. That’s the challenge. Her motivation is to meet this special standard while satisfying the customer’s personal preferences.

Variety is my passion – ideas are an expression

of your energy and inner joy.